It’s a new age of technology and cryotocurrency is taking over the marketplace. The digital economy is in need of a digital currency that can keep up with the speed of financial transactions. It’s not a surprise that giant companies are now accepting cryptocurrencies like bitcoin as payments for goods and services. This is now a legitimate digital currency and is now coined as cash. The values of cryptocurrencies may fluctuate like stocks but the speed and accuracy in the transfer and earnings with bitcoin can help boost the company.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin is now accepted as a medium of exchange in some parts of the world especially with the integration of blockchain technology that seeks to change the way businesses are managed. Even political campaigns are now accepting bitcoin payments.

It has been a slow yet steady rise, but cryptocurrencies are now widely accepted and big businesses have even partnered with blockchain companies that can facilitate the quick exchange of virtual currency to fiat money. This has been described time and again as a “disruptive tech” that is out to shake and change systems from the way we know it.

Check out the big websites that accept cryptocurrencies as payment:

  • Microsoft. This tech giant is now accepting bitcoin payments since 2014. Yes, Microsoft has been one of the first companies that embraced digital money. This feature allows integration of BitPay for adding up bitcoins to purchase videos, games, apps, and other forms of digital content on Xbox Video, Xbox Music, Windows Phone, Xbox Games, and Windows. The money that is added up to your Microsoft account as funded by bitcoin cannot be refunded so it is advisable to review you transactions before paying with bitcoins. This service is currently limited to US customers.
  • PayPal. With its partnership with Braintree, PayPal now accept transactions using bitcoins. This started in September 2014, the same year that it also cemented partnerships with GoCoin, BitPay, and CoinBase.
  • Lionsgate Film. This productiout outfit behind the blockbuster flick, The Hunger Games, is now making use of bitcoins via Gocoin.
  • Intuit. Another tech and software giant behind QuickBooks and TurboTax has just announced its integration with accepting bitcoin payments in 2014. This allows speedy and next-day settlement of financial transactions which eliminates the delay and high fees by banks.
  • Wikipedia. The world’s most popular encyclopedia online is now accepting bitcoin donations via The Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Zynga. This social gaming bigwig is now accepting in-app payments in bitcoin.
  • Shopify. This popular ecommerce store now has bitcoin payment processors available for customers who prefer to shop with bitcoin.
  • Pure VPN – This VPN provider now accepts different kinds of cryptocurrencies such as Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin for payment.

Cryptocurrency is here to stay with no sign that is could be slowing down anytime soon. With many companies embracing its use for purchasing products and services online, the value of these digital coins will surely rise in the next couple of years. Transferring funds is now easy and speedy with cryptocurrency because all you need is a wallet and a code to send and receive your digital coins.